You can ask for a private ride !

Discovery trekking : 1 hour :

 For begginers riders, go for one hour with a walking pace, and maybe a trotting pace. Visit the beautiful countryland, the apple trees, vineyards, Loire, forest…

26 €/ adult or teenager

20 €/young kid (1m45 or 45kg maximum)

Beginners : 1h30 min

Begin horse riding with calm :

– 30 minutes on the arena to learn how control your horse

– then 1 hour on the field for a beautiful trekking next to the loire

36 €/ adult or teenager

27 €/young kid (1m45 or 45kg maximum)

Pleasure trekking : 2 hours

Discover private castles, amazing views… for begginners or great riders, we can go fast as you want !

41 €/ adult or teenager beginners

43 €/ adult or teenager usually rider

31 €/young kid (1m45 or 45kg maximum)

Touraine trekking : 3 hours

For great riders only. Discover more and faster of our beautiful country. We can explain you the story of the medieval castles, of the famous wines…

56 €/ adult or teenager

Family Pack :

Come with your children ride for one hour.You, on horses and them, on ponies. Just one family at the same time ! Children accepted from 5 years old.

80 € for 2 adults and 2 young kids (maximum 1m45 45kg)

90 € for 2 adults and 3 young kids (maximum 1m45 45kg)

Full day trekking :
Wine tasting and castles, in the middle of Loire Valley

We meet at 9 :30 a.m around a coffee, to know each other. After prepare horses, we leave at 10 a.m. Riding in the middle of countryside, between forest and rivers on the morning. Really typial from our area. For the lunch, we arrive in a beautiful cave, for a wine tasting, and they speak a perfect english. We have lunch at the cave, made by home, with typical french meals. We eat at table, and the wine is inclued.
On the afternoon, we go by apple trees fields and private castles. We arrive at the stable at 6 p.m, after a beautiful day

Price : 110 €/person in a group (lunch and wine tasting inclued)
600 € private ride for between 2 and 4 riders