Go for a ride in the national parc of Loire Anjou Touraine, in loire valley at the rate of horses pace.





Discovery trekking : 1 hour :

 For begginers riders, go for one hour with a walking pace, and maybe a trotting pace. Visit the beautiful countryland, the apple trees, vineyards, Loire, forest...






Beginners : 1h30 min

Begin horse riding with calm :

- 30 minutes on the arena to learn how control your horse

- then 1 hour on the field for a beautiful trekking next to the loire








Pleasure trekking : 2 hours


Discover private castles, amazing views... for begginners or great riders, we can go fast as you want ! 





Touraine trekking : 3 hours

For great riders only. Discover more and faster of our beautiful country. We can explain you the story of the medieval castles, of the famous wines...












Family Pack : Come with your children ride for one hour.You, on horses and them, on ponies. Just one family at the same time ! Children accepted from 5 years old.





Evening Aperitif Ride !


aperitif evening loirevalleyhorsebackaperitif evening loirevalleyhorsebackaperitif evening loirevalleyhorseback


Every Friday night of July and August, discover a beautiful night ride and an evening aperitif with locals produces, meal and wine !


For a festive and convivial moment !

Aperitif at 8:30 p.m, ride come back at 11 p.m.

Only 49 € !

As you want :

If you want something special, juste ask them and we will try to satisfy you ! You can ask a private trekking, or if you want to see something else, an other castle, more tasting wines.... Just ask us !