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Tell us what you want, and we will do it...


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Wedding photos


photo de mariage touraine chevalphotographie de mariage touraine chevalphoto de mariage touraine cheval

photo de mariage touraine cheval



Choose the place, (Near to the Loire river, in a castle, in the wood...) et we will propose you different places we know. Or you can choose a precise location and we will come with horses. After, we will explain to you everything we can do with horses.



Two choices :


- you come with your photographer, and we come with horses

-we take care of everything ! We bring horses and photographer


Everything is possible, just ask us....


Proposal marriage


demande en mariage a cheval Touraine Cheval





If you want something really romantic, we can do that... If you want something really simple, we can do that... If you want...whatever, we can do everything ! Just, it will be the most amazing proposal for you two....







Ponies in your house

baptême poney Touraine Cheval


You have a party with your family? You want to do a surprise to your children? we can come with our ponies in your garden for a few hours....